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2 Cute Hair And Nail Salon, LLC

Tuesday, 9AM to 6PM; Wednesday, 9AM to 6PM; Thursday, 9AM to 6PM; Friday, 9AM to 6PM; Saturday, Closed; Sunday, Closed; Monday, 9AM to 6PM

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So I went here and let Asha do my hair. Which I saw her two weeks prior to her doing my hair. She said she was able to do it. Which I was skeptical, I really wasn’t going in. Which she had called me in to see if I was still coming. So I went and got my hair done. She didn’t even do it right, cut it all wrong and couldn’t execute the style I wanted. Paid her $120 which see didn’t want to give back. Then suggested that she fix it. No! Not after you messed up. She should have gotten right the first time. Then she took all day literally!” Then didn’t wanna give me my money back. Just be careful of the stylist you let in you’re hair!!!