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Presley Kay
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I came here to get my platinum blonde ombré I had done a couple years ago (somewhere else) lifted up and brought closer to the roots. I had a lot of brown growth. I wanted blonde added but a little bit of brown left so it would blend when growing out. The stylist I saw, Roo, put very little amounts of small blonde streaks through out the top half of my hair, with a lot of brown being left behind. I was just gonna let it be, till the next day while doing my hair I realized he didn’t do ANYTHING to the bottom half. Didn’t touch any of the underneath portion of my hair with any product what so ever. There’s patchy spots through out the top where he did do. But the underneath is like 7 inches of brown with 2-3 inches of blonde I got done somewhere else 2yrs prior. I called and they said the guy who originally did it would try to fix it but I’m not comfortable with that. I paid $200 to leave with only the top portion of my hair dyed. I also included a photo of my hair when it was wet and toning at the salon as a reference on how brown the roots still looked at the top after being bleached. I feel bad about leaving a bad review but my hair is messed up.