International Beauty Salon

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International Beauty Salon

Tuesday, 9AM to 5PM; Wednesday, 9AM to 5PM; Thursday, 9AM to 5PM; Friday, 9AM to 5PM; Saturday, 9AM to 5PM; Sunday, Closed; Monday, 9AM to 5PM

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I came here honestly not knowing what to expect. I saying I loved it doesn't even do justice. The colors that José Juan used on my hair were a mix and I absolutely loved his judgment. I've had horrible experiences in the past (not at this salon) and I wasn't looking forward to having another but my hair was basically an emergency. I came in with a patch job of bleach and I was crying because of how it looked. I came out a whole new woman. The confidence I got coming out of here, I'll never forget. I am DEFINITELY coming back here for future hair appointments. I will be posting pictures!! Thank you José Juan!