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Lidia's Beauty Salon

Tuesday, 9AM to 8PM; Wednesday, 9AM to 8PM; Thursday, 9AM to 8PM; Friday, 9AM to 8PM; Saturday, 9AM to 8PM; Sunday, 10AM to 5PM; Monday, 9AM to 8PM

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Elsa Winters
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When I say I was in tears I am not kidding. I asked for a trim and she practically cut the whole thing off. I have really long hair and now it just reaches past my shoulders. I asked for curtain bangs and she gave me Dora bangs. I am literally so upset due to the fact that I have trust issues with who cuts my hair. this lady is now another reason I don’t let people cut my hair. She cut more than what a trim is and when I looked at the end result some hairs were shorter than others. I can’t even pin my bangs due to how short she cut it. It looks like a fifth grader cut my hair since there is no texture and my hair is either short of long.DO NOT COME HERE!!!

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