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My Sueño Beauty Salon

Tuesday, 9AM to 6PM; Wednesday, 9AM to 6PM; Thursday, 9AM to 6PM; Friday, 9AM to 6PM; Saturday, 9AM to 6PM; Sunday, Closed; Monday, 9AM to 6PM

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Jaylen Michaels
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I went into this salon today 12/1/2021 and asked how much do they charge for a "Wash n Set". I was told "We don't do that" We don't do your hair here" by the receptionist. I then clarified "You mean black people hair?" She says "Yeah, we don't do your hair here". I had my hat on so she couldn't even see my texture of hair which lets you know the type of discriminatory practices are done at this place of unprofessional business. I told her 'I have a relaxer in my hair" and she still refused. I have been to Latin salons in New York and they've done my relaxed hair with NO RPOBLEM!! She wanted to discriminate even though the entire salon had only 1 or 2 customers. What this employee told me was if I was "BLACK" this salon doesn't service me!!! This comment will probably get deleted but don't worry!!

My Sueño Beauty Salon 0 reviews

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