Susy´s Beauty Salon

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Susy´s Beauty Salon

Tuesday, 10AM to 7PM; Wednesday, 10AM to 7PM; Thursday, 10AM to 7PM; Friday, 10AM to 7PM; Saturday, 10AM to 7PM; Sunday, Closed; Monday, 10AM to 7PM

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Paula Holden
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These good reviews could not be possible. I know what a good beautician is because my mom and sisters are . I asked to have someone experienced with short hair . I could tell she was not . I went from getting 3 compliments a day to none when I came here . This place is very very very dirty too . Hair all over the place . Very bad area too . Wished I never came here but now you are warned . Thank goodness I went to Arizona at a real clean and experienced shop . Back to getting my compliments. Oh and 50 dollars is worth it to me to have a fabulous haircut that is blended in .